Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Art: Jing Li, Nao, and Abigail

koogrr and I were talking on the phone, and he made a remark about scanning artwork that reminded me I hadn't posted the picture I did while I was in Florida.

I started this on Wednesday night during the art jam, and finished it during the game Saturday. I may color it on the computer, if I get ambitious, but I'm not sure.

I played with John's Trias some more while I was there, but on other small pieces. I'm gonna have to buy a set for myself some day 'cause I have so much fun using his. On the one hand, I keep thinking 'I'm sure to use them, look how much I use John's when I'm in Florida.' And on the other I think 'Maybe I only feel a drive to use them on because the occassions when I can feel rare and special, and if I had my own set I'd take it for granted and not use them.'


These are NPCs from the Superior City game. Nao is the cat-girl kneeling in the foreground, Abigail is the human leaning on the boulder, and Jing Li -- whom I play when I'm there -- is the fox-girl standing on the right. At the session on the 15th, one of the PCs, Voltage went shopping for a new dress for a date that she had, and I decided Jing Li would get a new kimono as long as people were getting new clothes. Various adventures since she last got new clothing had rather battered her last kimono. The PCs have access to a clothing replicator, so I said Jing Li would make one with a pattern of white tigers on it. jordangreywolf said that Nao, the white tiger NPC, would get one of gold foxes, and Abigail, the very troubled NPC whom we'd just sort-of rescued, got one with mechanical cats on it, in tribute to the mechanical cat PC. I thought the whole thing was so cute that I wanted to draw a picture of it. And even though Jordan did a cooler illustration than I could of it on Tuesday night, I decided to do it anyway. :)
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