Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

The Thing that You Do, Part 2

The title on today's and yesterday's post is a reference to a something I picked up from an exercise guru years ago: 'The exercise that you do is better than the exercise that you don't do'. Meaning that it's better to walk a mile than to tell yourself "I'll use a rowing machine for twenty minutes instead" and then not use the rowing machine because you hate it.

After I finished a game of Blood Bowl this morning, I decided I should do something productive.

Me: What do I feel like doing?
Also Me: I want to draw a Blee.
Me: I drew a Blee yesterday. It wasn't a high priority before I did it. Maybe I could work on notes for the actual game?
Also me: But I want to draw a Blee.
Me: Game notes would be useful. And take less time.
Also me: I don't want to make game notes! I want to draaaaaaw.
Me: Maybe draw an icon for one of the Strayaway crew?
Also me: No. I want to draw a Blee.
Me: WHY DO YOU WANT TO DRAW A BLEE? Nobody cares about Blee! You don't even have any important Blee NPCs!
Also me: I could draw a Blee skeleton.
Also me: Skeletons are good practice. I really don't understand how those extra arms would attach to the body.
Me: Howabout writing Sign & Sacrifice before you run completely out of buffer?
Also me: Or I could play another game of Blood Bowl.
Also me: Yay! *spends forty five minutes asking Google for dog skeletons to get an idea what they look like, and another hour drawing a Blee skeleton*

This is not what I had in mind when I decided to let drawing count as "productive" in January.

On the other hand, it is more productive than playing another game of Blood Bowl. Slightly.

I need to get my scanner running again if I'm going to keep doing pictures, though.

Blee skeleton, originally uploaded by Lady Rowyn.
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