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Writing & Resolution Update

I haven't talked about my NYR since March, it looks like. I've been scoring myself by the last posted benchmark, according to which I've been turning in a HORRIBLE performance since July.

Basically, I spent a weekend in early July working on a custom My Little Pony, got almost nowhere on it due to various complexities, and then decided I was sick of all creative activities ever. Drawing, writing, ponies, whatever, it's all BLAH.

I did not actually stop doing stuff, because I kept exercising about five days a week and if I'm going to exercise ANYWAY I might as well write something, right? Also, if I'm going to write anyway I might as well exercise. Yes, my brain really works like that. So I've been writing Delight and working on the weekly game while I exercise. But that's added up to about 2.5 hours of writing a week instead of the 4.5 I was theoretically shooting for. I am currently about 19 hours behind. In theory, I could devote a weekend to nothing but writing but HAHAHAHA no, I don't think that's happening. Also, I am pretty sure my rules don't allow me to fall behind.


Yes, I can't fall behind. So I'm not behind. I've just missed the target for the last two months. Oops.

I am not sure what I should do about this. I don't really want to just lower my standards again, since I'm already spending what creative energies I have purely on fan-stuff.

I am thinking that this week I'll do the art card I owe tuftears, and maybe next week I'll try soliciting prompts to see if that'll get me interested in making stuff again.
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