Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Tarot Card Stories

When I was doing readings a few weeks ago from shatterstripes' Tarot of the Silicon Dawn, one of the things I enjoyed most was taking three different cards and then synthesizing some kind of narrative from them. It was a bit like making up a little story around the cards and the question.

So I thought it'd be a fun writing exercise to do tarot-card-inspired stories, and I am soliciting prompts for them.

Here's the format. You provide:

* A question/problem/situation. This will form the conflict for the story. I'm writing stories this time and not giving advice, so no guarantee that the conflict will be resolved in a helpful manner. }:)

If you want, you may also provide:

* A character: if you want to describe a character that's involved in the story, I'll use them for the protagonist/antagonist (your choice). Please only pick your own characters (or mine, if you like) -- no fanfic unless one of us holds the copyright.

* One to three tarot cards: if you want to pick your own tarot cards, I'll use them. Otherwise, I'll draw at random until I have three.

The Tarot of the Silicon Dawn is a not-safe-for-work deck; the stories I write are not going to be more than R-rated, but if you'd like a G-rated story or want to avoid certain themes, feel free to specify as much and I shall oblige. I'll post the stories in separate entries as I write them, and leave a comment on your prompt with a link to the story when it's up. The stories will be short, around the length of the word-of-the-indefinite-time-period stories I did a few years ago.
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