Rowyn (rowyn ) wrote,

Cycle of Abuse

I biked over to the library this afternoon, about 3 miles away, to return The Truelove Clarissa Oakes. After dropping off the book, I headed back. A couple of blocks from the library, as I was pedaling across a busy street during a break in traffic, I was thinking "I need to get across quickly because this break in traffic isn't quite as good as I thought". Of course, this meant that my left foot immediately fell off the pedal, which proceeded to thwack hard against the back of my lower leg. Fortunately, the oncoming car started to slow at the same time I came almost to a halt, and I managed to get my feet back in position and get out of the street without further incident.

My calf: "That hurt."
Me: "It was a bike pedal and I wasn't going that fast. Get over it."
My calf: "Really, that hurt. A LOT."
Me: "Yeah yeah whatever."

I biked two miles uphill towards home, with my left leg generally bemoaning its fate, and then took the three-mile detour that I'd planned, because six miles is pretty 'eh' as a work out.

Calf: "Can we stop yet?"
Me: "No. It's not like you're going to stop hurting because I'm sitting down anyway. You hurt even when I'm stopped at a light."
Calf: "I hate you."

Six miles total later I finished my workout. LIKE A BOSS. An injured boss.

I dismounted the bike and walked into the garage.

Me: "... walking?"

My leg had not been thrilled about biking but it was miserable walking. I limped back into the house, looking so pathetic that Lut volunteered to make dinner for me. I took a couple of ibuprofen, but it wasn't thrilled even with sitting down. After fifteen minutes at my computer, I went to the bedroom to read. Lying on my stomach or side worked best, by allowing my leg to stay mostly-but-not-entirely straight with no pressure on the injured side. After napping for an hour, I got up again and it's not bothering me as much, but at this rate I will not be walking to work tomorrow.

Biking, maybe.
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