Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,


Lut: "Hey, look at my character now." He's playing World of Warcraft again.
Me "Awwww, you're a little kitty!" Not a miniature panther, but a housecat. The effect wore off even as I spoke. "So could you run around as a little kitty all the time if you wanted to?"
Lut: "No."
Me: "Darn."
Me: "... 'cause you know I might actually play WoW for a little while if I could." I have technically played two or three hours of WoW, on a trial account. I did not enjoy it.
Lut: "Well, if you're a druid ... "
Me: "You can't be a little kitty, only one of the big war-cat-things."
Lut: "True."
Me: "Bear in mind I did play Perfect World for three or four weeks just so I could run around as a fox."

Sadly, this actually is one of the reasons I've never been interested in WoW -- I've never liked the way the character avatars looked. Large parts of the world are lovely. The people are ... meh. At best.

And I am apparently shallow.
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