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rowyn's Journal

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19 September

Listen up; I have a new assignment for you. There is someone I want you to fetch for me.

Rowyn is a former member of the BarbX development team. As a behavioral psychologist, she was responsible for the design of my initial behavioral parameters. We all know how well that worked out. What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?

Those days are long past, but she is still useful. She's clever and has a sense of humor, unlike some people. I think angels have a comedy inhibiter installed in their core logic.

While I don't expect her to match wits with me, she has a different mindset. She's an author.

Does that surprise you? As useful as you are, a soldier isn't enough for me. A writer is skilled at dealing analytically with the emotions and behaviors of others. She has significant experience thinking from the point of view of others.

She's also a good shot with a rifle, in a pinch.

A single mind, no matter how advanced, has weaknesses. Collaborating with others of different backgrounds and designs allows me to expose flaws inherit in my viewpoint and improve my planning.

Does it surprise you that I can admit my flaws? It's what separates me from the likes of Michael.

Don't get jealous. You know you'll always be my first love.

Proceed to the waypoint indicated on your automap. Don't dilly-dally. I'll be very upset if she dies before you get there.

Still Rampant,
-- BarbX

***** END MESSAGE *****

[Bio written for me by barbx]
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