Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

House and Work

I'm working tomorrow, probably just for an hour or two, to do some testing on the system after the techs put in an upgrade. Whee. I'm doing this instead of going to the local convention. It probably says something bad that I decided I was actually more willing to come in and do testing at work than go to a con tomorrow. It's been a rough week, I don't feel like partying, and the testing will take less time than the con. And I don't have to arrange for a room or transportation to my job.

Still, I'm not all enthusiastic about it. One of the things I have to test is the interface between our banking software and the loan document creation software. This never works properly for me. I only use it every six-twelve months, and only when I'm testing it. And there's always some problem with it -- I can't find a loan to upload, there's something wrong with the loan that I've chosen, I need to re-input fields because the document software decided to blank them when I changed others, etc., ad nauseum. And these are just the problems that have nothing to do with the actual upgrade I'm testing!

Anyway, today I decided to warn Glinda in advance that the interface will give me its own unique problems totally independent of any upgrade problems. So Glinda and I dinked around with it, proving that, yup, this never goes smoothly. Glinda spent about forty minutes getting it to go right on her machine. So when I come in tomorrow, I'll use her machine and do exactly what we did today, down to the loan we picked. Wish me luck -- I'll need it.

In housing news: people keep congratulating me on signing a contract for a house. I don't understand this part. It assumes a whole lot more optimism about the inspection process than I feel. I fully expect that the inspection is going to come back with a laundry list of minor problems that the seller will refuse to fix or drop the price over, and I'll be left deciding if I want to live with them or forget the whole mess. Or maybe it'll be something so bad that I won't want anything to do with it. That seems unlikely, though; the Big Blue House was bought as an investment property back in May, and I'd be surprised if they'd've bothered to buy it and put all that work into it (not just the cheap stuff like paint and carpet, but new appliances, kitchen, furnace, central air, roof) if there was something seriously wrong with it that they couldn't fix.

But I expect they had a cheap-o inspection done, not the Cadillac that I'm paying for. I doubt they inspected the septic tank; the seller's disclosure said they didn't know when it had last been serviced. So there may be something bad wrong with it.

Well, we'll see. Back to work for me.
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