Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

My (not-so) Little Unicorn

When I was a little girl, one of the things I wanted most was a giant stuffed animal. One of the ones that was as big as I was. They cost a hundred dollars or more, and my parents always thought it was too expensive for that sort of toy. Not that they couldn't afford it, but that it wasn't worth the money. I can't say I blamed them or felt deprived for it. But I still wanted one. I always told myself that when I had the money, I'd get one for myself. I almost did, a couple of times over the years, but never had before.

Today, Lut and I went to Costco, and, amongst the Christmas toys, they had a display of giant stuffed animals for around $20 each.

I got two. Not for my nieces or nephews. For me.

One is a snow tiger mother & cub. The mother is curled about the cub, and the cub is sewed onto her. I'm tempted to cut them apart, They're realistically styled and look quite stylish, curled up on my green sofa. But they're not the really cuddly sort; too firm.

For cuddly, I got a big lavender purple unicorn. She has a spiral white horn with rainbow-glittery silver stars on it, and a matching collar piece around her neck. For $17.99, she's surprisingly detailed and well-made. She has long fluffy white fetlocks before each cloven hoof, and a fluffy white mane and tufted tail. The white fluff has rainbow-glittery fibers shot through it. The insides of her ears are vevety pink. I bet queenofstripes would be jealous.

I need to name them, now. Hey, Kincaid, would you mind if I called the unicorn Noelle? :)

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