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More House Stuff

Friday afternoon, I arranged for an inspection of BBH today at 2PM, from an inspection company just across the state lines. Their cost was $190 lower than the company I'd called originally, so I was quite pleased.

Then the receptionist called me back Friday evening, to tell me she'd made a mistake. In that state, a septic tank inspection means you pour some dye down the drain and wait to see if it comes out on the lawn. In my state, however, a septic tank inspection means digging up the lawn over the septic tank so that the inspector can see the actual tank and, well, inspect it. So hiring someone to do it in my state would cost $200 more.

Because she'd made the goof in the original estimate, she offered to throw the $120 radon test in for free, or I'd've gone back to my first company. (The first place had offered a more comprehensive safety test. But since I'm only getting the thing because my father said 'Yes, pay for absolutely every possible test' I'd decided not to worry about it.)

Anyway, in order to uncover the septic tank, we need to get authorization from the seller, and it'll take the inspection company longer to get everything together, so they rescheduled the inspection for Thursday.

Which means I have another three days of waiting before I find out what problems BBH has. Sigh.

On the bright side, maybe the weather will be nicer on Thursday. It's cold and rainy out right now. I'm glad I keep a couple of umbrellas at work. (Two, because I know that the first time I bring one home because it's raining, I'm going to forget to bring it back the next day.)

I need to talk to the loan officer here about financing; I can get a better deal from the lender who contacted me through But I figure I ought to at least give her a chance to improve her offer. I feel vaguely disloyal, on the one hand, but on the other, every 1/8th of a point adds up to a lot of money. I'm not going to pay a lot more for this deal just because I like Toddler Bank. My loan wouldn't stay in-house anyway, so no matter what I'll be working with another bank in the long run.

I'm thinking the closing probably won't go off on November 25, which was the original plan. I'm not sure how long it'll take the inspectors to make their report, but even if everything is perfect, I won't know until, say, 11/14 at the earliest. (Er. Actually, I'd better know by then; the inspection period for my contract is up on 11/16, which is a Sunday). Then my financer will have to arrange for an appraisal and title work, and only after that can they prepare the docs.

And if everything's not perfect, I get to negotiate with the seller on what, if anything, they're willing to fix. Which will doubtless add at least two or three more days to the process.

I told my current apartment complex that I was leaving on 12/6. So I've got another week, if I need it, before I really have to close. Still, it would've been nice to have it done before Thanksgiving. I don't have any Thanksgiving plans so I could've used the time to unpack and get settled.

Oh well. It'll all sort itself out, one way or another.

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