Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

One More Step

Still haven't heard back from the sellers about my list of specs, which comes down to:

  • Roof fixed

  • Loose toilet seated properly

  • Beam in garage fixed

  • An extension on the period of the contract so I'll have until Tuesday to get the septic tank checked

In a twist of irony, I'm having the septic tank inspection done by the same company I talked to in the first place about it. Juanita arranged a discount for me with them -- which means it's the same price as if I'd had the inspection done by them to start with. Oh well. I did wind up saving $90 doing it this way, though it's more trouble. And I'll save the $300 if it turns out the sellers won't accede to the above demands. I scheduled the inspection for Tuesday, but I'll cancel it if the sellers give me any grief about the above.

Amy doesn't understand why I'm so adamant about get the septic tank checked. "Most people assume if there's no smell and no visible seepage, it's fine". What can I say? I'm not most people. Excavating and fixing a septic tank is a big, expensive task. And if there's one more thing wrong with this place, I'm through. I'm at my limit on what I'm willing to put up with.

I'll let y'all know when I hear back from the sellers.
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