Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

The Best Survey Ever

I’m not sure if Prester Scott got this idea from someone else, or if he came up with it on his own, but what a great idea. So here they are--a few nice things about my LJ friends:

Caffeinewabbit: Funny, in an off-the-wall, onto-the-ceiling way that I could never match. I suppose I don’t see the world (or even Tastykakes) the way he does, but that’s the best kind of person to read--one who writes things you wouldn’t think of.

Genesis_w: Passionate and stubborn, with an unusual degree of sympathy for people who hold different beliefs or values.

Kagetsume: Techno-savvy and a workaholic, but still willing to help out with techie problems even once he’s off the clock. A fox, but not the kind that would make fun of you for saying “But I thought deleting was the same as uninstalling…” (Cringe, maybe, but not mock). Instead, he'll help you fix whatever you've done wrong. (Thanks, Kage!) Plus, he’s even bishonen.

Postvixen: Bright, creative, occasionally liberal, and willing to argue with Scott. Fills that latex and BDSM-fetishes space in my life that's been empty ever since I stopped frequenting FurryMUCK. What more could a person ask for?

Prester Scott: Not merely intelligent, but intellectual; a man who researches his opinions and defends them rigorously. What I like best about him, however, is that he rarely writes people off as “not worth the bother”-he’ll explain the same position for the nth time to the nth inquirer, even if the chances of changing a mind look slim to nil. A man who will try to understand the other point of view, even if he’ll never agree with it.

Sophrani: Playful, supportive, and friendly. She says she’s “not a gamer,” and I don’t know that I believe that…but if it’s true, she’s one of the very few non-gamers with whom I have ever felt fully at home. She is one of my kind-and I hope you can find it in you to take that as a compliment, Sophrani! :)

Strangess: Unstintingly affectionate, unswervingly loyal, working hard to understand a world she finds it hard to tolerate, much less appreciate. But she hasn’t given up, and that alone is an achievement She gives herself too little credit for her practical and logical side (and, come now, Kendra, you know your current pursuit of funereal work is nothing if not practical. :)

Tuftears: One of the most uniformly good-natured people I know. Creative, but not so in love with what he creates that he won’t listen to criticism—which he accepts with an even-tempered aplomb I wish I could emulate. When I grow up, I want to be like that. :)

Zorkfox: Years ago, on FurryMUCK, I was playing Truth or Dare and met Zorkfox for the first time. I was struck almost immediately by his intelligence, pleasant manner, and quality writing. I thought, “What a rare find! A new cool person.” Then he betrayed himself as an old friend under a new name. But he remains a rare find and a cool person, and I’m glad to be hanging out in the same area with him again…even if it’s not quite the same as Furry. :)

I have to congratulate Scott on another aspect of this idea—confining it to LJ friends. I’d be in a panic trying to remember everyone if I were to attempt this for all my friends. :)
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