Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Almost Over

Less than twenty-four hours, and I'll either own this house or walk away from it. Things look on track; everything I asked to have fixed is supposed to be fixed now. All the right documents have been signed. I've got plenty of money in my account for the downpayment. The only thing I can think of that will mess it up from here is if one of the repairs wasn't properly attended to.

In theory, I'm moving on Wednesday. However, I found out tonight that the freight elevator isn't working right; it won't go to the first floor. Or the basement. It appears to travel between the eighth and second floors fine. As Lut put it: "Have I mentioned that I hate this building?"

I'm hiring people to move my stuff. Presumably, I can get them to move all my stuff even if the freight elevator doesn't work. But I expect it will cost more. Probably a lot more. And it's already costing more than I'd budgeted for it.

In fact, Lut and I have done a lot more packing than I expected to. I packed twelve or so boxes this weekend, while Lut did around four or five. This morning, I got the estimate back from Mr. Parks, on the cost of the move & packing. The move alone was more than I'd budgeted for both combined. Sigh. Mr. McCormick, the mover I met with this morning, gave me an estimate about 75% of the Mr. Parks'. Even if I discount the value of the packing Lut and I did this weekend, he was still about 15% cheaper Moreover, he could move me in one day on Wednesday, while Mr. Parks had expected it to take two days and couldn't do it before next Monday and Tuesday. And Mr. McCormick would guarantee that the move would not cost more than 10% over his estimate.

Plus, Mr. McCormick was with the moving company that Glinda recommended.

OK, so this wasn't a hard decision.

Still, depending on how the freight elevator is doing, I may be postponing the move until Monday or Tuesday after all. I'll call the office tomorrow to ask them, and talk to Mr. McCormick to see how much he thinks doing the move with the frieght elevator on the fritz would wind up costing me. I'm not sure they'd still be able to pack and get me out of here in one day, in that event. Ugh. Here's hoping the office gets it fixed tomorrow.

Lut and I did a bunch more packing tonight, this time switching to a system where Lut packed boxes, while I taped them together and labeled them. Oh, and all of you who've been saying I should've gotten boxes for free from somewhere: I did get some boxes for free. In fact, we figure tonight I got as many or more free boxes as I've purchased. And I got them from the most unlikely place:

The company I've been buying boxes from.

We went by tonight to get some more small boxes -- Mr. McCormick said they charged by the box for packing, and recommended I pack all the books, at least, since they're easy to do -- and as I was deciding what to get, we were joking with the couple who run it. This is the third time we've been in there in three days. ("But I don't wanna pack!") The husband looked at us as his wife was ringing up our purchase, and said "Do you need a lot more boxes?"

We looked at each other. The husband shrugged and said, "Hey, the pharmeceutical gal was here and she left a dolly full of broken-down boxes. You can take 'em all."

They're banker-boxes, already collapsed for transportation. We could've used smaller boxes, but hey, couldn't beat the price. Lut's packed a half-dozen or so of them now. We've used up all but two of the small boxes, and gotten almost all the paperbacks packed. Total box count stands around 34, and is -- at a guess -- about half done. I don't know how much more we'll do, and I don't much care. Lut has promised to pack the dishes. I bought stuff to pack dishes with, and by golly, we'd better use it! :) Dishes will be annoying; the dishwasher is broken again (Lut: "Have I mentioned I hate this building?"), so we're either hand-washing them or packing them dirty, neither of which has much appeal.

Anyway, we're not doing any more packing tonight. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
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