Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Moving, Laundry, and Scooters

I said I'd do a longer update during lunch, didn't I? I've been trying to catch up a bit on my friends list; I'm around 30 entries back, I guess, and only going to get farther back over the weekend.

I have bruises all over the front of my thighs. Hiring movers doesn't seem to have spared me that. At least I've only got a couple of little ones on my arms. Moving always does that to me. It's the way the boxes bang into my legs when I'm hauling them around. Also, I lift with my legs, which means I'll crouch down, put the box on my thighs, then push up -- which probably causes some of them. They don't really hurt, and I don't notice it when it happens. The paper cuts from packing annoy me more.

Most of our stuff is still in boxes. I started to unpack the kitchenware, but Lut spends more time in the kitchen than I do, and is more particular about arranging things in it, so I'm going to try to leave that to him.

One of our piece of furniture -- a Techline armoire that's, I dunno, 84" tall or so -- doesn't fit in the house. I wanted it in the basement. I really wanted it in the basement, because there are no built-in closets in the basement. THe house came with a couple of 5' Techline armoires down there, but they're not in great shape. Never buy Techline products -- they're really disappointingly flimsy. Anyway, the 84" one is too tall for the basement ceiling. By about a quarter inch, the mover said after he tried to set it up. Drat it. There's no space for it on the first floor, and we have plenty of closet space on the first floor anyway. (Each of the two bedrooms has a 7' long closet, with a ceiling of, I dunno, 7.5'? The first floor ceilings are pretty generous.)

I dunno what I'm going to do with it now. Try to sell it, maybe. If I lived near kagetsume I'd try to get him to cut down the boards to fit. :D But I don't think Techline products cut well, anyway. It's double-weight pressboard or something like that.

I haven't bought a scooter yet. I really need to do some research on that, before I go to the scooter shop downtown and plunk down a wad of cash for their very pretty ones. I am probably going to wind up postponing buying it for a couple of weeks, at least, until I know how much money I have left after more essential projects have been attended to. My bank account balances are still health, but I haven't bought a washer/dryer yet, for example. Among other things.

Anyone have any recommendations on washer/dryers? Greywolf? I know you just got one, how do you like it? :)

Information on motorscooters would be cool, too. I found out that my state does not have a limit on speed for scooters; I can buy one that goes 55! Whee. :) The only limit is on engine size; has to be smaller than 49.9 ... cubic cm, maybe? I'm sure one of the motorheads out there would know.

Another cool thing about motorscooters in this state: no vehicle tax! No required insurance! No licensing, even! As Lut put it: it's a very libertarian vehicle.

I'll get back to work now. Anyone with advice on washer/dryers or scooters, please leave a comment. I'll check 'em before I leave for the day. Otherwise, I'll be offline again until I get back to work on Monday.
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