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The house is still consuming me. I'm hoping that, when I get the roof and the plumbing issues squared away, I can get back to the rest of my life. Whatever it was that my life to used to be. I know I had one around here somewhere.

Roleplay, fiction writing, general correspondence, Livejournal, doing things with Lut that don't involve standing out in the cold messing with dead leaves and garage doors and whatnot. Yeah, that'd be it.

Things are getting done, however slowly. Most of the little things that I need to buy for the house have been bought. Laundry machines are to be delivered on Saturday. There was some trouble with the garage door; Lut and I patched it up, but we could use a more permanent solution.

I had a general contractor out on Monday to give me an estimate on the cost of doing everything. It was way too high. I asked them to fax me a breakdown of each item and what it cost; they haven't. Plus, I found out they lied to me about the size of my existing water heater; they claimed it was 20 gallons. It's 40. It's printed right on the front of the water heater. I feel like these folks were casing me to see how naive I was and how much they can milk me for. Needless to say, I won't be using them for the work.

Had an HVAC guy come out last night; he's supposed to get back to me today or tomorrow with a quote for the furnace. The way he talked about the things on my house, it sounded expensive. But we'll see. The last plumber I tried to get in touch with has the flu. It snowed last night, which won't do my efforts to get the roof fixed any good. But I talked to a handyman today and he'll take a look at it when the snow melts. (We only got about an inch, and I expect it to clear off in a day or two.) The handyman was recommended to me by a coworker; if he can get my roof taken care of, I'll use him for some of the other miscellaneous things.

But I'm ... not exactly tired of house stuff. It's not so much that I mind it all -- I do, a bit, but it's not so bad -- as that I want to reclaim my submerged creativity. I seem to eat sleep breathe work in a fog of "what do I need to do next on the house?" I'll tell myself "tonight I'll do some writing" but then there's One More Thing that I'd better do ...

Fah. The drain on my mind is even worse than the drain on my finances. I'd like to put all of these worries and problems aside for a while -- the ones I can't fix yet anyway -- and get back to my life. Well, maybe tonight.
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