Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

One Good Thing

About a year and a half ago, prester_scott did the "say one good thing about each of your LJ friends" meme. I thought "what a great idea!" and did it. Recently, I was thinking "Why haven't I done that again?"

And then I went back and realized that I had a total of nine LJ friends then and I have around fifty-five or so now, and it's become a rather more complicated task than it once was, especially if I don't want to leave anyone out. (And there's nothing quite so disheartening as seeing a long list of names with nice things about all of them ... but your name isn't there.)

I saw sandramort doing a sort of "pick a random person from your friends list" version of this, which was fairly manageable. I've decided to do a variation on this.
Periodically, I'll pick one LJ friend at random from my list and do a short entry about why I like this person. Maybe a couple of sentences, maybe a few paragraphs, depending on how motivated I'm feeling at the time. (I'm currently planning to do this weekly, but I make no promises about the frequency, or that I won't simply stop doing it at some point). People with more than one journal on my friends list will only go on the list once, and I'm not going to repeat anyone until I've done everyone at least once.

Why am I telling you about this instead of just doing it?

Well, recently level_head did a Thanksgiving entry where he started to write about his LJ friends, but was "torn by the good things I'd like to say contrasting with my desire to preserve their privacy. " Level Head asked his friends to "opt-in" to the entry by posting a comment to it.

Now, I'm not as generous and high-minded as he is, or at least not as respectful of your privacy, because I'm not going to ask you to opt-in. I will, however, give you this opportunity to opt out.

If you're reading this, and you don't want to run the risk of being singled out for my attention and kind thoughts at some future point, post a comment stating you'd like to opt out now. Please specify that you want to opt out. I'm not going to assume that someone who leaves a comment saying "Hey, good idea!" also wants to be excluded from the potential pool. :)

If you'd like to opt-out quietly, you can email me at my livejournal account. (I'm a paid user).
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