Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Rowyn and the Basement of Doom

As soon as we got home, Lut and I shifted furniture around in the basement so I could get up the rest of the damp carpet. The southwest bedroom did have some leakage around that one interior wall, though not as much as the main room. Icky! There's also mold on one of the Techline wardrobes; I don't know what to do about that except throw it away, which does have some appeal. (I don't love Techline stuff anyway.)

I attacked everything with mold-killer and scrubbed and rinsed and scrubbed some more.

There are quite a few bugs in my basement -- a few spiders, the occassional funny-looking cricket sort-of-insect, and rather a lot of roly-polies, or potato bugs. Last night I found an earthworm. You know you've got too much water in your basement when you've got earthworms. We figure he came in through the sump pump -- the pit it's in has some contact with dirt.

I've been pretty merciless about squishing bugs, though I'm trying to be a bit less hard on the spiders. I'd rather have a few spiders than a lot of insects. Somehow, though, I couldn't bring myself to squish the earthworm. Maybe it was too many hours spent playing Sacrifice. I called him Jim (apologies to Mr. Holloman and Mr. Lane) and verbally exhorted him to retreat. Once the carpet was up and he was exposed, he seemed to be squirming his way back in the direction of the sump pump anyway. But I had enough squick left that I didn't want to pick him up with my fingers and throw him in.

Anyway, as I was spritzing cleaner everywhere, I spritzed some over earthworm Jim without realizing he was still there. Poor thing was instantly wriggling and writhing and retracting in on himself, and generally looking like an earthworm in mortal agony. I was on the phone with Kagetsume at the time, and I said something like, "Ack! I warned you that would happen, Jim! You should've gotten out of here." Then I dashed off to the bathroom for some tissue paper, scooped Jim up, and plopped him into the water at the bottom of the sump pump well. I dunno if he survived the experience or not, but he was still wriggling when I dropped him.

Haven't bought caulk yet. Kage said I'd need to wait until the basement dried out anyway, so there's no big rush on that. It ought to dry out this week; it didn't rain last night and we've got no predicted precipitation for the next several days. I talked to my landscaping friend about the fill dirt; hopefully that'll get done this week, and we'll probably replace this little heap of stones by the south wall with dirt. Maybe that'll help some with the water issue in the basement.

I read up a little on basement water problems, and saw various outside-the-house solutions, all of which sounded depressingly complicated. I guess I'll see how the cheap solutions pan out. I can always call a professional later if I have to.

In the meantime: well, I didn't like that carpet, anyway.

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