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Writing & Gift

With everything else going on around the move, I never did mention: I finally got rejection letters on the two stories I had out! They arrived the same day Lut and I returned the key to our old apartment. Good timing on that; I was afraid they might get lost in the forwarding process. F&SF still wins my "best rejection letter" contest; Asimov's had another one of those paranoia-inducing form letters "We're not using your story and that may be because we were full-up for that month, or it might be for this laundry list of possible faults! Here, take your pick". had the "can't use at this time" sort.

That means I need to look for another market for "Chat" and "Baby". And I never did send out Tufty's nicely trimmed version of "Doll's Life". Maybe I'll send out the longer version of "Baby" next. In fact, both "Baby" and -- what did I call the longer version? ah -- "A Normal Family" are awfully short for most SF markets. Ooo, hey, the 2004 Writer's Market for Novels and Short Stories should be out by now! Must add to my wishlist.

And, speaking of gifts:

About 18 months ago, I started handling the one vehicle floorplan loan Toddler Bank has out. A "vehicle floorplan" is a type of credit extended to auto dealers. Basically, we lend a dealership money for them to buy a car, and they pay us back when they sell the car. Because they're doing this over and over again, and usually not holding onto any one car more than 30 days or so, it's more convenient for both the dealership and the bank if they sign a note that says "You can borrow up to a total of X dollars, to be secured by whatever car title(s) you've got to offer at the time you ask for the money."

But it still requires a fair bit of maintenance on my part: I need to give the dealership the money whenever they need it, and make sure that they're not borrowing more money from us on a given vehicle than that vehicle is worth, and that they're paying us back in a timely fashion. (If it takes you more than 60 days to sell a vehicle, your business isn't doing well, and it always makes banks nervous if the businesses they've lent money to aren't doing well.) I also have to make sure that we get the titles in a timely fashion, and I have to get the titles back to our borrower whenever they pay off vehicles. It's a bit of nuisance, but the people at the dealership are nice, and rather fond of me, specifically. In fact, several months ago we had a meeting between the dealership owners, Glinda, their loan officer, and me, to discuss various aspects of their loan. The dealership operates out of an office directly above one of our branches, and I always thought that they'd rather deal with someone located at that branch, instead of me. It'd be more convenient for them, as the titles would be right there, instead of someone having to drive out to my location to get them.

But they reacted with an air of palpable horror when we suggested someone at that branch could handle the floorplan. "No! We want her." Heehee.

Anyway, this year, I'm on their Christmas list! I got a big "Wine Country" basket from them, with cheese and crackers and chocolates and, of course, wine. With very classy-looking labels marked with the dealership's name. Heehee! I handed out the two wine bottles to a couple of co-workers who like wine, since I'm not a fan of alcohol in general, and as far as I know, Lut doesn't care for wine. (I can't recall him ever drinking it). But the everything else in the basket looks yummy. It even came with a mini tablecloth and a cheese knife. Whee! Everyone at work was envious. I asked, "Don't you wish you took care of the floorplan?"

OK, so they're not that envious. :)
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