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I came down with some kind of bug during Friday night (probably from gen, hmp). We ran out of Diet Coke that night and I was drinking the Diet Rite minor_architect had left behind. At first, I thought it was just that the Diet Rite tasted strange; I found that no matter how much of it I drank, I still felt thirsty. When I noticed the same effect from water, I realized, "Oh, I'm not thirsty; I have a sore throat."

So I've been sort of blah all weekend.

I did manage to get my 90 minutes of writing in for the first three days of the year. I even finished a scene (but not a chapter) and sent it to jordangreywolf.

I spent rather too much of Saturday, and even a bit of this morning, complaining to anyone who would listen (and possibly some who wouldn't) about a quiz on philosophical consistency which is not, as it turns out, consistent. Ironic, that. I'd been chomping on cough drops for my sore throat, but all the sweet stuff was making me nauseous. The only cold medicine we had in the house was Nyquil; I took some earlier today and it promptly knocked me out. So this evening we went out to get an assortment of cold medicines -- Lut, sadly, has taken ill too.

When we got home, I fixed dinner and a cup of tea, and took some Dayquil. Now I sit, drowsing before my computer, trying to recollect what it is I wanted to post about.

Christmas presents.

I got some nice ones this year. I've already mentioned the nice presents minor_architect and kagetsume brought me. But another present I got was from my parents, plucked from my wish list: the World Tree RPG book. I was delighted to get this. It's the first time I've ever wanted a gaming book just so I could read about the setting. It's a beautiful book, too: thoroughly professional in look and style, with many gorgeous illustrations, qutie a few of them, surprisingly, by people I know. :) (Like tuftears and haikujagaur, to name two.) It traveled around the apartment a bit, while I had guests in particular -- everyone kept picking it up and flipping through it, reading the anecdotes and looking at the pictures.

More recently, koogrr sent me How Hard Can It Be, an entertainingly-written do-it-yourself book. (Thanks, Koogrr!) This brings my collection of home repair/maintenance books up to three. Eventually, I'm going to have at least one that tells me how to do any given thing. ;) The one Koogrr sent is particularly fun, because it's written tongue-in-cheek. It's a bit like reading Dave Barry giving home advice, if the advice he gave was actually good. :) I may yet have to break down and buy actual tools and stuff to go with my newfound DIY streak. But not yet.

In other DIY news: I still haven't painted over the cement I applied on Thursday. I decided I wanted it to dry completely before I put the paint over it, since once I put water-proof paint down it's unlikely the cement will get any more chances to dry out. While all of it set and was basically dry within half an hour, some sections have dried completely, to a light grey, while others are still dark gray.

We've had freezing rain off and on since late last night. The good news is that, while the parts of the basement that I haven't sealed still leak, the interior wall that I put the cement around hasn't leaked. Hurrah! That doesn't mean it won't in the future, of course. But hey, it's a good sign. Even better: the light grey areas are continuing to spread, so it looks like eventually the cement will be totally dry and I can paint over it.

The downside of all this, of course, is that it means I'm supposed to scrape up all the old cracking masonry from the exterior wall and put down new good (I hope) cement. And buy more fast-dry cement to put down, because I don't have enough left over right now to cover the exterior wall. Whee. After tonight, the weather report doesn't predict any more precipitation until next Saturday. I may try pulling up the old cement on, say, Tuesday night, and putting down the new stuff on Wednesday. I'm afraid I'm going to have to see how well this stuff really does stop active leaks, because the leaks on the exterior walls just don't seem to dry up entirely. They almost had by last night -- but then the rain came, and now it's as bad as ever. I guess I could wait until Saturday to do it; they might have stopped leaking by then. But then I won't be able to paint over it until after the next rain. Though, come to think of it, it's taking more than four days for the cement on the interior wall to totally dry anyway, so even if I do it Wednesday there's a good chance it won't be light-grey-dry by Saturday. Hmm.

I think I will go ahead and wait unti Saturday to tackle the exterior wall; I think the less I have to deal with putting it down over active leaks, the better off I'll be.

And I'll paint the new cement as soon as it all turns light grey. Hopefully, that won't be too much longer. And then, maybe -- just maybe -- I'll have a respite from this problem for a few months. If I'm lucky, perhaps even a few years. :)

I do wish I'd recovered from this illness by now, though. While walking around for a while in the cold seems to cure sickness in some folks, I don't much relish the trek home from work tomorrow, if I'm not better by then. I'd rather not call in, though -- first, because I'm not too sick to work, and second, because there's a lot to do. It's the start of a new year, and all kinds of end-of-year reports need to be done.

Well, I'll see how I feel tomorrow. Good night, LJ.

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