Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Still Sick

I'm still sick, which seems to be about as far as my mind can get for things to write. I've got another five minutes or so left on my lunch break, though, so I'm trying to think of something worth setting down. You'll be the first to know if I come up with anything.

I've been drinking a lot of hot tea for the last twenty-four hours or so, since when I'm sick, hot tea -- or even just hot water -- is about the only thing I can stand. The trouble with tea, though, is that it spends way too long at the wrong temperatures. It's too hot for the first half hour, and too cold after an hour and a half. As soon as I finish one cup, I make another, but there's still this long period of waiting for it to steep and cool until I can really gulp it down again. Sigh.

That used up my five minutes. Guess I didn't come up with anything. Better luck next entry!

Oh, wait, I did think of something I wanted to ask: Is a cold contagious before you show symptoms, or only after? Or does that vary from cold bug to bug?

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