Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

So little time, so much to do -- wait, scratch that, reverse it

It feels very strange not to have done an entry in the last couple of days. Which is in itself odd, because I've certainly gone much longer without posting an entry.

Yesterday was inordinately busy. 11 hours at work and baking cookies for a goodie day today pretty much ate up the whole day. Oh, and I wrote quick answers to a handful of emails. Writing sometimes seems like more of a chore than it ought to.

I haven't written anything for Scales since Monday, and nothing for Prophecy since Sunday. But I have worked on a bit of fiction, of a sort. One of the recurring things at the back of my mind is "I should do a web comic". I don't know why it's there; I hardly ever draw any more, and long ago I figured I'd have a better shot at writing professionally than doing anything involving illustration. But it's there, almost like a challenge: Could I even do it, if I tried?

I know that I could do a comic book if I tried, because I've done short illustrated stories before. But the gag-a-day pace of a standard comic strip has always seemed awfully complicated to me. How do you come up with one quick joke after another? When I'd hear Scott Kellogg or Howard Tayler write about coming up with ten or more scripts in a sitting, I'd always marvel at it.

Anyway, this was all bubbling around in my head during the day Tuesday, along with character ideas and possible punchlines. I sat down Tuesday night, wrote up some notes on the subject. Between Tuesday night and Wednesday, I jotted out a dozen or so scripts for individual comics. So now I have a slightly better understanding for how the process can snowball, with one joke leading to the next.

Of course, jotting out a bunch of jokes on a brand new idea is a far cry from continuing to come up with joke after joke after joke on a strip you've been writing for years. Not to mention that it's one thing to do a script, and quite another to draw it. I rather expect that I'd run out of steam for this venture long before I got through the second month, even if I put this on the front burner.

As it is, though, it's definitely a back-burner project -- something to toy with while it's fun and put away when it's not. Or when I need to focus on top-level projects.

For example, tonight, I have to work on Prophecy. And possibly on my basement -- I want to get those two remaining cracks sealed, and put a layer of cement over the east wall to smooth it out (it looks terrible at the moment, even more uneven and bumpy than before I started).

Maybe I'll have time for some fun in there, somewhere.
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