Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Not-So-Secret Crush

I never saw this meme the first time around, but it sounds awfully sleazy -- in essence, they collected a bunch of data from memesheep, and now they're selling it. I note that the current survey form warns that this information is in no way private, but I don't know if prior incarnations that they're drawing data from were similarly upfront.

Given that the meme is "who do you have a crush on?" the whole thing seems like it's potentially rather nasty.

shatterstripes suggested breaking their database:

Let's poison LJ Secret Crush's database.

Pick a random LJ user and go fill out the form for them. Pick a gender at random, and hit every dropdown, setting it to something other than the default "never crushed". Make sure that they're deeply and openly in love with any RSS feeds or communities.

And, of course, post this in your journal!

I particularly like the idea of giving people crushes on communities and feeds. >:>

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