Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

A Political Quiz That's Actually Useful

I like this quiz! (Thank you, detroitfather!) It solicits your opinion on various issues and how important each section is. At least on my browser, it was well set-up, so that you can go back through and change various parts of your answers without having to re-take the whole thing.

And if you don't trust the quiz's results, then you can compare the candidates' positions yourself.

But what I really like about it is that it's issue-focused. I've always found it surprisingly hard to find out what candidates stand for (contributing, I'm sure, to my perception that they don't stand for anything.) So it was great to see a site refering to drilling in the ANWR and immigration policies, instead of Dean's post-primary whoop or Bush's flight jacket. :P

Bear in mind the quiz always ranks at least one person at 100% -- that's "your closest match" not "he thinks just like you".

Bush: 100%
Lieberman: 89%
Edwards: 87%
Dean: 83%
Kerry: 82%
Clark: 81%
Sharpton: 71%
Kucinich: 61%

If I play with my issue weightings, I can get the top five selections to within 8 percentage points of each other. It looks like I'm a bit more conservative-leaning than I thought, but overall, it confirms my general suspicion: for my purposes, they're all equally good.

Or equally bad.

I'll probably vote for Michael Badnarik. I don't agree with him on everything, either, but he's on the same side as me on more issues than any of the people listed in the quiz were.

Anyone else know some third-party candidates worth looking at? Or reasons to prefer one of the candidates above? As you can see, my vote is rather teetering. I'm almost one of that rare breed of "fence sitters" you hear so much about. ;)

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