Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Writing and (not) Submitting

I'd thought that, last month, I'd been writing more in UT and less here. But looking at the total number of entries in both, nope, mostly been posting here. Of course, my UT entries tend to be longer. Maybe by word count, I've done more there. Not terribly important, really.

I wanted to do another Silver Scales piece today, but I'm feeling tired. Pieces of what comes next have been bouncing around in my head, but nothing that cries out for me to write it down now. Sunday night was like that -- I posted one segment, then started writing the next almost immediately. It was hard to stay focused on my job at work, and not to open up the entry and finish it. Today, I'm not feeling that inspired.

Saturday was a good day for writing, too, actually. I finally worked out how to end a particular chapter, and became so determined to finish it off that I went over my required writing time, which I almost never do with Prophecy. Got some work done on Prophecy last night, too, after skipping Sunday. So I'm caught up for the month, though not ahead yet. Perhaps tonight. Or maybe I'll work on Scales tonight.

Though there's one thing that I ought to do and haven't: submit stories to publishers. Just before we turned in our keys to our old apartment, back at the end of November, we checked the mail and I got back both the stories I'd sent out -- good timing, really. But they've been sitting in a cabinet ever since. I even bought a new printer, so I could to do cover letters and mailing labels at home. But I haven't even hooked the printer up yet. And I got a copy of "Writer's Market" to help me find possible markets, too. But I've been slacking on this end. Not that motivated, I guess. Apparently, I should've put "send out some stories" on my list of New Year's resolutions. I haven't even tried to shop "A Doll Story" anywhere yet.

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