Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

A Nice Day for a Walk

The temperature hovered in the single-digits (Fahrenheit) for most of last week, accompanied by a bit of snow and all-around unpleasantness, as far as the weather went. I only walked home from work once the whole week; every other day I hitched a ride with one of my coworkers.

This week, the ice storm and snow on Sunday and Monday notwithstanding, the weather's been nicer. This afternoon, it was very nearly above freezing, and I looked forward to my walk home.

It was a pleasant walk, in fact. Most of the ice and slush had melted off the roads. While 33 degrees isn't warm enough that I'd want to lounge on my porch, it was comfortable enough while walking. Once I got home, I checked my mail, then walked to my front door, unslinging my backpack to get out my purse and my keys.

Which weren't there.

I pack my lunch and my purse into my backpack every morning, and take my purse out at work to put it in my desk. (I keep my soda in an insulated bag at the bottom of my backpack, so taking the purse out makes it easier to get to.

Lut and I have been planning to get a combination lock for the side door on the garage, and keep a spare key in the garage, but we haven't yet. I checked to see if the basement door was open (sometimes I forget and leave it unlocked). No joy.

So I walked back to work to get my keys.

I got a ride home after that. It wasn't that nice a day.
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