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Last weekend, to much fanfare, Emerarld City was promised several inches of snow, perhaps as much as 12-16 inches from Saturday through Monday. When I went tot he grocery store Saturday morning, it was overrun with people stocking up in case of a blizzard.

In fact, we got a bit of freezing rain Sunday, and less than an inch of snow, sometime Monday.

Today, to no fanfare at all, we've gotten about six inches. I guess bad weather likes to take people by surprise.

Toddler Bank closed at 2PM. My house is near a major highway, and many of coworkers take that highway to get to their homes, so I got a ride with one of them. The streets right around my house aren't plowed, however, and I wouldn't ask anyone to volunteer to go down them. So she dropped me off at the intersection before the highway. I'd forgotten my snowboots this morning, and she insisted that I take hers, making the remaining two blocks to my house quite painless.

About 4:30, the snow had about stopped, and I went out to shovel the driveway. verminusrex, if you lived a bit closer, I might split the cost of that snowblower with you. :) Phew. We never shoveled the driveway after the freezing rain/snow from the weekend, and I was afraid there'd be a layer of solid ice under the new snow, but it's not that bad. I didn't get it perfectly clear, but I don't think Lut will have much trouble getting in. As a bonus, I even shoveled a path to the house. I tried to shovel the sidewalk, but I don't think I found it. By then, I'd been out nearly an hour and was, really, rather tired of it. I still am, in fact. I didn't get the layer of ice over the stairs cleared off, so they remain a hazard, but other than that it's not too bad. Hopefully, we won't get anymore snow tonight.

I've been working fairly diligently on creative-type things, so far, this month. Three installments of Silver Scales, two hours of work on Prophecy, and a little bit of sketching. But despite this, I feel an odd malaise, as if I haven't done enough; as if I ought to be doing more. I'll have to work on something tonight. I'm not sure what, yet. Maybe more fiction, or maybe I'll write down some possible ideas for my next RP project.
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