Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Writing Exercises: Christmas letter

This one was to do a "holiday letter" for a fictitious family

What an exciting year it's been!

Joe was promoted to senior vice president at his bank, and was even given a company credit card to cover his business expenses! Joe really appreciates the trust they've put in him.

Since the promotion, we've had the opportunity to visit so many lovely restaurants and do so many interesting things! We've been abroad several times, to the Bahamas, Costa Rica and Switzerland. Joe is very interested in Swiss banking practices. He's hoping to apply what he's learned to an upcoming audit at the bank, which he expects will be the perfect challenge for his skills.

Joe Jr. started his first term at college in the fall, which has been a wonderful experience for him. He's learned so much about biology, chemistry, and music so far! But he's decided his real interest in is law, and pursuant to that end he's spending winter break and the next term travelling. We're not sure exactly where he is at the moment, but it's just as well. We're sure he's having a great time and learning a lot!

Little Josephina is growing up so fast! She's become keenly interested in computers and the Internet, ever since we got her that webcam. She's made so many new friends online, and even started her own Internet business! Isn't she the most amazing little entrepreneur? We'd give you her URL, but she said she didn't want you all to think this letter was only a solicitation.

For myself, I've taken up macrame. I find working with rope to be great fun! Lately, I've been having the most intriguing idea for my latest creation, but I haven't quite made my mind up to go ahead and do it yet. But when I do, I'm sure you'll all be amazed by it!

Wishing you all a holiday season as joy-filled as our own,

the dePhunket family
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