Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Writing Exercise: Backcover

The one is to write the blurb for the back cover of a tawdry airport-store book.

Desire's Deadly Partnership, by Danielle John King

In Ms. King's 49th International Bestseller, return once again to the fascinating life of lawyer Jacqueline Koch!

After the werewolf incident, Jackie left her previous position to strike out on her own. Now, she's founded a new partnership with the handsome but enigmatic Brian Hekle. Brian lands their first big case, defending the mysterious Kevin Jide when he is accused of being the scandalous Vampiric Slayer. Jide mantains his innocence to his lawyers, but Jackie wants to be sure, particularly given the blood-drained state of the eight beautiful young victims of the killer.

She is forced to turn to her ex-husband, private investigator Don Koch, for help. Don appears to be a changed man now, and wants to woo her anew. Will Jackie take her old lover back, or will she find romance with her sexy new partner? Is Don really free of Satanic influence now? What dark secret is Brian Hekle hiding inside his filing cabinet? Is Kevin Jide really an ancient vampire disguised as a millionaire playboy? What hypnotic spell has he thrown over Jackie's housemate, Terri?

You'll be amazed as the answers to all this and more unfold in

Desire's Deadly Partnership

Also by Danielle John King:
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The Passion and Danger of Clients
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Unbridled Motions of Horror
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