Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Writing Exercises: Lists

The next section, I'm afraid, promises to be boring but easy. It's just lists of stuff. Big blocks of noun and adjectives. So I won't blame any of you for not clicking.

List things you could list
Books, cups,stuffed animals, people, live animals, clouds, planets, plants, cards, body parts, emotions, tests, lists, clothing, beverages, ideas, personalities, good dreams, nightmares, chores that annoy me, art forms, artists, studies, sciences, politicians, political movements, beads, utensils, ornaments, things I hate, things I like that other people hate

Select an item from the above list, and list things you could list about it
Introverted, extroverted, shy, eccentric, weird, psycophathic, sociopathic, friendly, well-balanced, off-kilter, emotional, crazy, disturbingly sane, procrastinators, people who always work ahead, dreamers who drift through life without wanting to focus on it, practical people who are risk-averse, risk-takers who are practical anyway, recluses, analytical, calculating, cold-blooded, loving, stable people who want to break out of their mold and be daring and unpredictable

Now pick an item from that list, and list things you could list about it
Good at math, good at solving linear problems, financially-savvy, telnar, ltwarhound, level_head, works with spreadsheets, computers [if my category is really "analytical personalities" can I still include computers under it? Maybe "artificial intelligence" would be better], programmers

Well, that's enough for this part of the exercise. I think the next ones should be of a little more practical use, though probably not a lot more interesting to others.
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