Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Job hunting

A topic near and dear to all of us, I'm sure. :/ I haven't looked for a job in seven years, and am looking for some advice on how to go about it nowadays. (I never was all that good at it). There are a lot of Internet job search sources available, I know, and my local newspaper posts its classified section online. And I know networking is the best way to get a job (out of ... um ... the ten or so jobs I've gotten, seven of them were by networking -- and I'm pretty bad at networking to boot, which ought to show how useful it is.) Anyway, what I'm mainly wondering about is:

Are there any offline resources that you've found useful? (Or Internet ones that you particularly like, for whatever reason).
Are there any advantages to snail-mailing resumes over emailing them? Is there a point to "following up" on a resume if you don't get a response to it, or is it pointless to expect a response to most resume submissions nowadays?

General suggestions also welcome, naturally. Thanks!
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