Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Arty stuff

Some months ago, bard_bloom made some comment involving Sythyry and pizza. I'm not going to get into the background of this conversation because I can't even remember it myself, or find a link to it. (I think it went something like "Reader comments: "Does Sythyry like to eat pizza?" Bard explains pizza to Sythyry. Sythyry: "Are you crazy? I think I could comfortably FIT on a slice of this concoction. I certainly wouldn't be able to eat a whole one." Whoops, guess I explained it after all.)

This left me with the image in my head of Sythyry sitting on a slice of pizza, and I commented as much. Bard suggested this would make a good icon for sythery, the Sythyry bloopers LJ. I said I would draw it.

Naturally, being me, it took rather a while for me to get around to doing so. My first few efforts were hopeless, but I eventually got one that wasn't too bad and colored it. Since it was intended to be shrunk to icon size, it's not incredibly detailed, but I uploaded a largish version anyway. For the curious:

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