Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,


I did very little this weekend on Prophecy, but I had today off (President's Day). So I set my mind to catching up today -- and succeeded! I've even gotten a little bit ahead, which is nice. The one downside to Prophecy is this: last month, I dropped the "chapters remaining" count by six. So far this month, I haven't changed it at all. And the month is more than half over. Whoops. It turns out that one "chapter" that I'd thought would be three or four pages is more like ten or fifteen. On the bright side, I've got that chapter almost done and I'm fairly clear on how I want to finish it. So, at the very least, I'll get that one done this month. Be nice to get four or five more done and stay on track for the June deadline, but, eh. I'll live.

I'd hoped to do something else today: perhaps some sketching, or Silver Scales (been a couple of weeks since I did anything with that). But I haven't so far, and I'm feeling quite sleepy now. It's not even 9PM, and I'm tempted to go to bed. I suspect Lut would be disappointed if I went to sleep before he got home from work, though.

I'm more tempted to draw than to write, but drawing would involve sitting up and discomfitting the cat in my lap, and that's just way too much work for me at the moment.

It seems like I had something else I was going to say in this entry, but I can't remember what. Mmmm. G'night, LJ.
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