Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Na much

I've been tired all day, even though I did go to bed early last night. And got up later than usual. Now I've eaten lunch and I want to go somewhere and sleep. But my lunch break is almost over. Rats!

the_gneech mentioned an art contest for SJ fan art. I've been thinking I should do another drawing to post in my LJ; maybe I'll enter something in that. Contest closes ... hm. 2/29/04. Should be plenty of time to do something. Maybe not something good, but something. :)

I have Creativity Rules with me, and I really should do the next exercise. But I'm down to one minute left in my lunch break. I don't think that's quite enough time to finish an exercise. Let's see how far I get!

List things about one of your characters

Dianna Nye is Angelique's housemate. She's sarcastic

(whoops, out of time.)

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