Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Hey, Wait, Is That a Milestone?

I've been a good girl today, and did some work on Prophecy right after eating supper, instead of putting it off for a couple of hours (or until tomorrow) like I usually do. I've now done more than half the writing I'm supposed to for this week, which is way better than I'm usually doing by Tuesday.

Moreover, I finished a chapter.

Even more importantly, I finished the much-too-long chapter I was talking about last night. And since that was the last piece missing from Part One, it means the first part of rough draft is complete. Whoa. Cool.

Of course, when I say "rough draft" I mean rough. As just one example -- I'm not real happy with the way I tied the piece I just finished today with the piece that immediately follows it -- which I happened to write, oh, about 18 months ago. You know, I don't care how many books on writing say "you don't need to write your novel in sequential order", I don't think I'm ever doing this screwy jumping-all-over-the-outline thing again. I just end up writing a bunch of material that I'll probably have to tear up in the end, in order to make something else that actually fits wth what it turns out comes before. Editing this puppy is gonna be a pain.

But, all that said, it is pretty cool to have the draft finished for the first part. Odd thing: I don't like my working title for the work as a whole, which is just "Prophecy". But my working titles for parts 1 & 2 I do like. Part one is: Prophecy: The Awakening, and part two is Prophecy: The Army of Fate. For no good reason, I particularly like that last phrase, "the army of fate". Probably because there really is an army of fate in the second part.

Hmm. And now I have gone and messed with my friends page settings, and don't much like the results. Whoops. Maybe I'll go do something harmless, like sketch, for a while instead. Or bake. I need to bake something for the goodie day tomorrow anyway.
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