Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Rambling and a List-Writing Exercise

Or tonight, perhaps. I'm doing a bit better now, but this morning I felt underdone. Put me back in bed, I need to cook for another four hours.

I think it's because I didn't do very much last night that I can point to as an accomplishment. I sent a few emails, and left a few comments, but other than that, about all I did was read journals. My evenings don't feel complete any more if I don't draw a picture, or post a journal entry, or write some fiction, or something I can point to as "That's what I did last night". Lut had the day off and I'd expected to spend the evening with him, but he had a headache for much of it, and all we really did together was some cuddling. Though that was nice. :)

Hopefully, tonight will be more productive. Not sure what I'll do yet, but something other than webbrowse all evening.

Anyway, now I'm going to finish that Creativity Rules exercise I started a few days ago and didn't get through.

List things about one of your characters

Dianna Nye is Angelique's housemate. She's sarcastic and prone to tease. Dishes it out better than she takes it. Oversensitive. Friendly. Open. Unemployed. Unambitious. Has held a variety of mostly temporary office-work jobs -- filing, data entry, receptionist, etc. Highest ambition is to be a full-time slacker. Just responsible enough that she won't actually become one. Attractive. Bisexual. Dates a lot, isn't serious about anyone. Shops at thrift stores.

Pick one of those things, and list things about it
In her free time, she want to pursue a variety of hobbies, but not get serious about any of them. Watches theatre productions. She does a whole bunch of things, none of them horribly, but none of them all that well: Dances. Sings. Plays drums (doesn't own her own set). Draws (doesn't paint). Roleplays (won't GM, too much work). Plays games. Is attracted to other slackers but can't get serious about them because they're not stable enough.

Pick one of the things from the second list ...
Goes to clubs. Took dance classes in college before dropping out. Mocks people who dance worse than she does. Envies people who dance better than she does. Doesn't care enough to try very hard to improve. Lies to people she meets in clubs about her real name, job, marital status, etc. because she doesn't expect ever to see them again. Dances at home, too, which often annoys Angelique.

Well, that's a bit short, but I'm long since out of lunch time to finish this in.
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