Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

The Zi Ri of My Dreams

I had another dream about sythyry last night, which I think makes zir officially the Fictional Character Most Often Appearing in My Dreams.

Skipping the obligatory "I don't remember ... " disclaimers, it went approximately like this.

Sythyry was a good deal older than zie is in zir journal, but zie was still keeping a journal, because I was simultaneously seeing the action unfold, and reading zir entry about it afterwards. (Is the possessive of zie zir? Or zer? Or zis? Darn invented pronouns.) Right after I woke up, I remember thinking how much like Sythyry the writing was; exactly the right voice.

In the dream, Sythyry was a ruler of a small province. Zie was traveling alone and overheard a Herethroy female1 denigrating an Orren woman. The Herethroy was very condescending and smugly superior, with a general attitude of "your kind is vastly inferior to mine." A Cani tried to intervene and help her, but the Herethroy attacked him, too.

Sythyry knew that this particular Herethroy was in the habit of doing this to everyone who wasn't Herethroy. Zie decided to intervene, both to help the Orren and to deter the Herethroy from continuing this sort of behavior. As the ruler of the province, Sythyry's words would have considerable weight. To bolster this effect, zie used some magic to make zirself particularly imposing, then appeared and lectured the Herethroy.

Unfortunately, Sythyry's sudden appearance was so scary that the Herethroy and the Orren woman both died of fright.

Sythyry had them both resurrected, but zie was contemplative about it as zie related it in the journal. Wry and sad over the unintended consequences.

1: Strictly speaking, I thought it was a Herethroy man in the dream, but in retrospect, the distinctly masculine aspect of the figure means that it would've been female, since that's the more masculine gender of the species.
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