Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Writing Exercise: Listity-list

Pick a setting
Dumach hamlet

Few hundred houses, alongside a river, white woodwork and stone buildings, dog that barks in neighbor's yard, geese that flock over the river and honk, those three neighbor women who meet to gossip every afternoon, local witch who won't sell you a love potion but will make you a cure for your broken heart, little parish church with a young pastor as enthusiastic and energetic as 6-month puppy, greenery and flowers everywhere, farmer's fields sprawling to north and west, deep woods to the south, river on the east before a steep cliffside.

Now I'm supposed to list elements that I'm having trouble with in one of my current projects. Er ... hrm. I think I'll make that a private entry later. I'm almost out of lunch time anyway.
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