Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

For no good reason, my left arm hurts. It's not even sore from typing; it started hurting while I was just sitting here.

February's been a reasonably good month for writing on Prophecy, after all1. I tallied up the word count at about 7900 so far. Five days left in the month. I've gotten ahead of my goals on writing for this week. I'm guessing that the time-goals for February will be met in another 500-1000 words, and anything after that will more properly belong to March's goals. If I'm lucky, I might complete another scene, but I don't know.

Scene-wise, I've finished three. Hurrah! Not as good as last month, but not too bad.

More noteworthy, I've wanted to work on the book for the past couple of days. Instead of my usual sense of impending doom and general clock-watching, I've been in a good mood and interested enough in continuing to go well over my usual 30 minutes per day. My methods call for a maximum of one hour of work before I'm supposed to take a break (this is to keep me from totally losing focus but pretending I'm still working anyway) and both nights I had to force myself to take a break.

And I'm sitting here now, thinking, Mm, I still haven't done that writing exercise using Prophecy yet ....

Maybe I will.

1: By my standards, anyway. I am working hard at not feeling inadequate in comparison with the talespinning challenge. And mostly succeeding. As telnar put it: "It is possible for every human being to do more than they are doing. I'm in that category." :)
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