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I don't feel like going through my resolutions point-by-point again, but I'll make a couple of quick notes about them.

Apparently, I need to try something new on the weight-loss front, as I'm back to where I started the year at (140 lbs). Ah well. Lut wants to get a rowing machine; maybe I'll actually use it. (Anything's possible!)

Prophecy is going pretty well. I dropped the chapters-remaining count by four in February, which puts me a little behind for finishing the draft by June. Still, not bad. I haven't checked the word count for the month, but it's probably between 8-9,000. I'm still a bit ahead, time-wise, as of today.

More noteworthy: I've been enjoying writing more. I still have the same reluctance to start that I've had all along, but once I get started, I'm less clock-watching and less inclined to stop. A couple of times, I've done significantly more writing than I intended to, simply because I'm enjoying it, and want to finish the scene. Or even start the next scene. I've also been reading through scattered bits and pieces of it, and enjoying those, too. I almost regret my decision not to let anyone but Greywolf and Strangess see it until it's done and revised to coherency. There are some scenes that I'd like to share now. Or at least, that's how I feel today. Tomorrow may be different.

I did some sketching Sunday, and finally understand those folks who talk about having a "bad art day". I don't like the way the piece as a whole turned out, though parts of it are cute. Ah well.

chipuni quoted a senator's position on the California deficit, saying "You can't dig your way out of a hole". This remark has stuck with me; I'm thinking of writing a little essay on it. Maybe in a new entry.

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