Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Old Art

I have a digital camera now, and as one of the things we rescued from the Great Flood was my portfolio, I decided to try taking pictures of some of my artwork that's too large to scan.

Somewhat to my surprise, I discovered that, despite my preference for working large, I don't have a whole lot of oversized art that I like. All of my decent oil paintings are larger than my scanner bed, but not tremendously so, and I've already posted links to partial scans of those, so I didn't feel like doing them.

I leafed through all my 24" x 18" charcoal pictures from art class back in '91, and picked out a couple that I liked. Actually, neither of these were done in art class. This self-portrait was done at home, in front of a mirror. It was the rough that I wound up using for the class's final project, a 5' by 4' drawing of my head. (The final portrait came out pretty well -- I detailed my eyes in that one, and was one of the few people to get their eyes right. I'd take a picture of it, but it died several years ago, before I moved to Ohio, I think).

This one is a portrait of a friend of mine who did a lot of modeling for me. It's not a good likeness of her (for one thing, she was perhaps 21 at the time she sat for this) but it's kind of an interesting-looking piece, nonetheless.

The other three are black-and-white ink renderings, from that period when I still thought I might be good at inking some day. There's this picture of a unicorn, which I never finished -- a combination of deciding it wasn't worth the effort for the results, and that I'd already messed up some spots on it.

And there's a portrait of a anthropomorphic Siamese feline queen and her prisoner (of uncertain species). I actually did these specifically to see if tuftears and jordangreywolf would use them in "Pawprints". There's a story about these characters, too. But the story's "end" had an incomplete feel (I envisioned more parts to it, but never wrote them). Plus, it's not really a furry story. I only drew them as furries because I'm better at drawing furries than humans. So, quite rightly, they didn't wind up using the story or the accompanying pictures. But these are probably the best inkings I've ever done, which ought to explain why I don't work with ink any more. :)

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