Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Jimmy Hollaman

A few months ago, I said I was going to start doing occassional entries about my friends.

And then, as with so many good ideas, I promptly commenced with not doing it. Well, I was thinking this morning that I haven't posted to my journal in a bit, and I should write something. But what?

Hey, maybe I could do one of those entries-about-one-of-my-friends that I've never done.

Accordingly, I have selected at random the first subject in what-probably-won't-be-a-series-at-this-rate: jimmy_hollaman.

Jimmy is one of a handful of LJ friends that I met first in what passes for my Real Life. He's a regular at the local science-fiction conventions, and he's one of the reasons I've continued to attend them over the last six years. He is one of the people that makes going to cons worthwhile: friendly, gregarious, and full of ideas about those strange, bizarre, and wonderful things that fans love to discuss. And unlike me, he's not just a leech at conventions, taking advantage of the hard work of others: he's one of the volunteers wrking behind the scenes to hold the con together. He's run the Masquerade at ConQuesT for the last 10 years (but not this, year, right?), and participated in the Vaudeville shows at Contraception every year that I've attended (I think).

I'm not sure I've ever seen him outside of a con, come to think of it, though I was pleasantly surprised to see him at Conestoga last year. There, he and his roommates kept Friday night from being a bust by hosting an impromptu room party that turned out to be the only one.

And I'm out of lunchtime now, so I'll just say -- thanks, Jimmy, for making me feel welcome at all those cons over the years. They'd've been a smaller and duller place without you. *hug*
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