Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

The Less I Write, the Less I Want to Write

Almost a year ago, I wrote the corrolary to this subject line: "The more I write, the more I want to write". It does seem to work this way. I've found myself thinking about writing a lot lately, thinking "I ought to write something", and then not doing it. Not just with fiction, but with journal entries and even emails. I'll think about it and then decide I have nothing to say, and I'll go do something else.

I have to get started before I'll want to write at all. Sometimes, even that isn't much motivation. But it helps a bit.

I want to go through and add up how many words I have on Silver Scales versus Prophecy, now. Unfortunately, that involves downloading all the Scales entries and converting them to text files. Which is something I should do anyway, in the event of disaster striking LJ, of course. Still. It's a pain. Even more of a pain with my usual word processor, which is of the opinion that text cut-and-pasted from a webpage should not appear in a document as ordinary text, but should preserve every bizarre formatting choice the web page has made, and thus look more like a huge jpg or something. And it takes ten or fifteen minutes to do this. Ick. I can get around this a couple of ways, but every time I forget ... Sigh. I wonder if this is a "feature" I can turn off somewhere?

All right, I've got the two of them totalled up now. Scales is almost 63,000 words, while Prophecy is at 173,000. This is particularly interesting to me because I wanted to see how inspiration vs determination has fared. I've more-or-less only written Scales when I felt like it, rather than because I "had" to. I've been plodding along at Prophecy throughout. I was already at the 83,000 word mark with Prophecy when I started Scales, so I've written approximately 27,000 more words, over the course of the last thirteen months, on Prophecy than Scales. Determination is winning out, but not by as much of a margin as I expected. Interesting.

Anyway, I'd better do some work on Prophecy tonight, or I'll lose my "determination" credentials.

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