Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Happy birthday, America.

Every work day, I wear my hair the same way. I tie it back with one ponytail holder, then I braid it into a single queue straight down my back. And then I secure the braid with three ponytail holders: One red, one white, and one blue. The colored ponytail holders are getting frayed around the edges from use.

I don't wear it this way on my days off, usually, though I will be today.

I've used the red, white, and blue theme since, I don't know, September 17th or so. I didn't think of it right away. But I started when everyone was flying flags from their car antenna, or wearing them on their lapels. But the car flags fray so quickly they seem disrespectful to me , and I'm not good about remembering things like lapel pins. But I always braided my hair, anyway. I use the three regardless of what clothing I'm wearing. A little patriotism, I think, is always in style.

Happy birthday, America.

I love you.

I miss you.

Please don't be such a stranger to me.
Tags: politics

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