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Last night, Lut re-read Roger Zelazny's A Night in the Lonesome October. He promptly recommended it to me, and added, "I think it'd make a good campaign, too."

I finished it this morning, and I have to agree. It's got lots of campaign potential. Because I'd be using the same theme, but not the characters or specific actions of the book, it wouldn't matter if my players had read the book or not. So I was all set to type up a blurb about the game as part of a proposal for it, and see what people thought.

Then I realized, "But that would spoil the book."

And this is a really good book. It's also quite a quick read, page count notwithstanding; the chapters tend to be short, and there are illustrations by Gahan Wilson that add to the white space. Don't read the backcover and for goodness's sake, don't read the reviews at Amazon (which not only spoil some of the book's many fine surprises, but say some things which are outright falsehoods. ) Just read the book. Trust me on this one. You needn't even buy it; your local library system probably has a copy somewhere. Lut plucked it off the shelf while browsing at our nearest branch of ours.

In a couple of weeks, I'll do up a post with campagn concepts and include a decription, complete with spoilers, of this idea. So those of you who don't want to read it don't have to. But I'd highly recommend it. Not because you'd need to for the game -- it won't make a difference to the game, really.

But it's such a good book. :)
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