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I don't know why he first showed up in my journal. I'm not even quite sure when; sometime last September, I'd guess. He posted some comment or other, and I followed him back to his journal to see who he was. At that point, I didn't know if "DetroitPainter" was a man or a woman, or if that name indicated an artistic bent, or a metaphorical one, or that he was a housepainter, or something else. One of the first posts I saw by him was a picture of his daughter, Violet. I can't find that post now, but if memory serves, he wrote under it, "I was thinking of putting it into darkpinupgirls but I don't know if it meets their theme or not." I don't know, either, but she is beautiful. And it struck me as an endearing thing to say about one's daughter. I suppose all parents think their children are beautiful. Nonetheless.

The "painter" part of "DetroitPainter" is, indeed, literal: he not only paints, but he paints beautifully. (Did you ever finish that painting?) Like so many of us, he juggles many hobbies and responsibilities, and I suspect he doesn't paint as much as he'd like to.

He writes with abundant affection for all the things that occupy his time: for his children, for his wife, for his religion, for his friends, for his religion, for his music, for his cars -- and even for his work, if not for all the particular details of his job. This recent essay not only explains a bit of engineering jargon in a way even I could understand, but uses it as a metaphor regarding life and Christianity. While he is not afraid to state his beliefs, he is not, in my experience, given to diatribes against either people or ideologies, which makes it even stranger that his journal has been recently graced by trolls.

But I have never seen a response to a troll as graceful, or sincere, or gentle, as his.

It's a pleasure knowing you, DetroitPainter. Thank you for coming into my life.
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