Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Hullo LiveJournal. I'm trying to get into the habit of writing here more, and not just on OpenDiary. I finally downloaded the client program thingie (please note my command of advanced technical language--for this I went to grad school) and, all right, it beats writing in a browser window. I have the feeling I'm going to start using this little window as my "holding space" for text bits that haven't made it into a log I'm running.

See, when I'm running a plot for someone, I often "type ahead", writing down decriptions or poses or stuff that will be happening soon, but aren't going to show up on camera right away. Usually I'll keep Notepad open to write this stuff in, but since the LJ window has decided to stuff itself into my start menu and system tray /anyway/, I might as well use it. Yes, I could go put Notepad in my start menu and yank LJ out (did I tell you to be put into my start menu? Did I? I didn't think so!--but that's what I get for using the "default" install, duh) but like 95% of the other lazy Windoze users, I'll just leave it there. Unless it does something to really annoy me. At least I'm safe from it flashing banner ads at me.

I logged into Sinai this morning to check my p #mail, and Greywolf happened to get up early and log on, too, so we had a nice chat about GM stuff. Mostly his plans for Alptraum, but also generic things, like GM burnout and re-using old NPCs in new settings. ("It's a Small World After All...") Heh. I like talking to him. It's not like we have identical opinions or feelings, but it's like we share the same experiences when it comes to GMing, so when I tell him something, I feel like he understands--not just intellectually, but emotionally. When I talk to him about plots, , he knows just the kind of feedback I want--"This is good" or "you could add in that" or "you could bring up this." He'll try to come up with specific solutions to plot problems, not just tell me "That's a bad idea"--even if it is. :)

Well, I better get to work. Later!
Tags: gaming

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