Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Weekend stuff

It seems like I didn't get much done this weekend. Lut had to force me do some writing on Prophecy last night, but at least I got that done, so I'm a little ahead for the week. Didn't do any writing on Friday or Saturday, though.

I did some sketching and, come to think of it, rather a lot of talking on the phone. level_head on Saturday, and telnar and jordangreywolf -- for the very first time! -- on Sunday.

It was cool to finally talk to Greywolf. He has a good voice, deeper than I expected. Sounds a bit like koogrr, actually. I mostly called to see how his game Saturday had gone, and to chat about his plans for his next tabletop game. (We've bandied some comments about it back and forth in email, but he still hasn't decided exactly what he wants to do. He has several very cool ideas, though. I bet his players will be happy. :D ) So we talked a lot about that, and various other things as they came up, like Prophecy and my next online game and the fact that I still haven't emailed the JTM logs he can't download to him. *^_^* Whoops. "Still" meaning "as of right now". I'll email myself a note to do it when I get home.

I am terribly anxious to get home and do creative things. Rarely have I been so interested in doing work, and so little interested in doing the work that I get paid for. :)

Lut and I saw "Hellboy" (you know, I rather sympathize with Skull of PVP's feelings on that movie title) Saturday. It was clichéd, with a lot of very familiar themes, but fun nonetheless. Prester Scott's review of it describes my feelings pretty well. After that, we got some food and some garden supplies from Costco. I did a bare minimum of gardening-type things. And I used the rowing machine Friday and Saturday. It's sort of broken; there's almost no tension on the rowing bar, regardless of what you set the dial to. However, even without much tension, it's still a fair amount of effort just moving back and forth at a good clip and curling the bar underhand. Lut's going to contact the manufacturer about getting it fixed, but it's still basically functional for my purposes, if not for Lut's.

Oh, and Sunday we went out for pizza, and hit the library. I borrowed a 9-CD recording of "1984" and a set of SF short stories on tape. So I'll try my next garage work out listening to one of those.

I guess that's not so little for a weekend, after all.
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