Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

A long hard weekend in the hot tub

Today, I am exhausted. After five hours of work and a couple of cans of Diet Coke, I am at last more-or-less wake. A bit less than more, but at least I'm not falling over on to my desk any more.

What a week! What a weekend! I need sleep. I should've slept more in the week prior, but I kept staying up late for this and that. Working on the picture, spending a little time with Lut, packing for the trip, putting in extra hours at work so I wouldn't come up too short because of the half-day Friday .... so much to do. /O.O\ And then, once I arrived -- well, I was only going to be there 48 hours -- how could I waste it merely sleeping? I think I managed a total of 9 hours of actual sleep on Friday and Saturday nights combined.

I probably should've made more of an effort to sleep in on Sunday. It was about 8AM when I finished writing the LJ entry from level_head's house Sunday morning, and I went back to bed about then. But a few minutes later, I heard lady_anne moving about in the kitchen, and my efforts to convince myself that I needed sleep more than I needed to savor every moment were all in vain. Up I got.

A little while later, Level Head got up and cooked his breakfast specialty, flat eggs. It was fun to watch him cook, because he did everything very quickly and precisely, from cutting holes in the bread with a glass, to cracking each egg into the hole. He was using margarine from a squeeze jar, and one was too cold to pour properly, so I watched him cross the kitchen, put the jar in the mitcrowave for 45 seconds, turn back to the griddle, tend the cooking bread & eggs, then get back to the microwave 3 seconds before it dinged. The production alone was quite entertaining. And the flat eggs were tasty, too. :9

Lady Anne woke Mako, and he shambled into the kitchen in time to snag a couple of eggs. Poor Mako was definitely the late sleeper of the lot of us.

Afterwards, I snuggled up under the blankets on the couch while we watched old marketing videos from projects Level Head's company had planned or put together. One of them was twelve years old and had Level Head and Lady Anne both speaking for parts on it, which was amusing, too. Level Head had forgotten they were in it.

Since he'd been watching me curled up with my eyes half-closed for a while, Level Head gently suggested I take a nap, particularly given that I very nearly already was. But I'd be catching a plane in only six hours or so, and I figured, hey, I can sleep on the plane.

I really wanted to see Level Head's offices -- both the building he's currently in, and the one he's moving to. Or the Pre and Post facilities, as he christened them, after a silly conversation between the four of us over how to keep them straight. lady Anne suggested she and Mako go to the store while Level Head took me to look at the buildings.

And more about that later -- back to work now.

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