Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Dreams, part two

I had another dream on "Tahini" right after I went back to bed. This time, I was riding a bike, and I got onto a path along a hilly ridge that ran the perimeter of the island. The path was right outsdie of a net mesh, and the open side of the path dropped straight off, into the water. As soon as I got on it, I thought, wouldn't it be safer to ride inside the mesh? But there wasn't a path inside the mesh, so I just kept going.

Predictably, my bike went off the edge and I started to plunge toward the ocean. There were several people there--friends or co-workers, I can't remember who but they were familiar to me. They all started shouting advice and stuff. I remember trying something--I'm not sure what--that didn't work. Right as I was about to hit the water, I thought something like, OK, looks like I'd better learn to fly. Then I swooped away from the water and back into the air. It was exhilerating. I had had this suspicion that I could fly but I hadn't been sure. There was something in my hands still, but it wasn't the bike anymore. It was more like a stick. I don't think it was a broomstick but I was riding it like a witch on one. I was sure that the power to fly was in me, and not the stick, though.

Much later, I dreamed that one of my co-workers came to visit Tahini. Actually, he landed in a old-fashioned rocket capsule, like the kind astronauts used to use to return to Earth. We all ran up to greet him. Funny, we were all happy to see him, and I recognized him, even though the name I assigned him was of someone who works at a different location from mine, and I only know him by voice. (He's also got something of a temper and isn't always popular around my workplace.) None of us wanted to leave Tahini--we were just welcoming him. I still don't remember who the people with me were, but I'm thinking co-workers.

That's all I recall now. Oh, well, I had a stupid dream abiout licensing a cartoon character, like one from Disney or Hannah Barbera, for a marketing project at Toddler Bank. But I don't recall anything more to that one, and it wasn't a very interesting subject anyway. I'd rather spend my dream-time on a tropical island than at work. :)
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