Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

From the Warm Part of the Frozen North: Saturday morning

Saturday morning, I woke at 5AM, which was way too early, but I couldn't get back to sleep. I ate breakfast and wrote in a paper notebook for a while, because at the time I didn't realize that Strangess's computer was in a seperate room from her bedroom. (This had not been the case on our last visit). After a couple of hours, I was tired enough to go back to sleep.

About half an hour after I went back to sleep, Strangess got up and did chores. Four hours later, I awoke again at 11:30. By this time, Strangess had gone to lay down for a nap. But Brenna and I were both awake, and not realizing that Strangess was still (well, again) sleeping, I went downstairs and woke her so we could start the day. The plan was to call Emily, then had to a restaurant she was particularly fond of for lunch --

And now Strangess is awake again, so I shall return to enjoying my vacation, rather than writing about it. More later!
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